Dear Pascion member,

Early 2018 we sent out a member satisfaction survey, to gauge how our most important asset, our member base, feels we are doing as a community.  We are pleased and proud that you all rewarded us with a Net Promoter Score of 35, a great accomplishment that all of you are part of.

The main take-aways for us were to look into what you think makes an event successful.  It seems we are well aligned there, as the responses showed a lot of consistency.  In one sentence “an interesting topic, implementable in your day to day business, ample opportunity to network, preferably in a diverse attendee group”.

Next to what makes a good event, we wanted to learn what we can improve as a community, and specifically towards the events we organize.  The responses here can be divided into 2 categories:

  • Practical: earlier invitations via calendar invites, accessibility of the venues, clearance for specialized colleagues to attend specialized sessions
  • Conceptual: reach out to other C levels, more differentiation in members, more guest speakers.

We want to take the time to thank you for your clear feedback and commit to take your guidance into consideration in scoping the calendar and concept for our next cycle.

As to the topics you suggested for future sessions, we will long-list these and distribute a poll on one of our next events to ensure our 2019 calendar tackles your burning platforms.

We look forward to discuss with you at our next events!

Some figures:

Number of questions: 7
Net Promoter Score: 35
Survey Closing Date: 31/01/2018
Response Rate: 67%
Number of suggested new topics: 11