PASCION, Purchase And Supply Chain Is Our Nature…

Early 2008, a number of belgian CPO’s got together and acknowledged that, within our profession, there is a need to better profile the Purchasing and Supply Chain Management function in companies.

Within PASCION, we want to support a group of Purchasing and Supply Chain experts to professionalise their work within multiple sectors. We want to extend the knowledge on strategic level and improve the interaction between Purchase and Supply Chain positions, the academic world and other stakeholders within companies.

Last Event

On the 15th of June we had our Pascion B2SEA event in Nieuwpoort, with Giles Breault and Stefaan Bettens.

Next Event

On 28 September Pascion together with VIB organise the Procurement Excellence award. Join us!

Procurement Excellence Award 

Also this year, Pascion and VIB join forces to organise the third edition of the Procurement Excellence Award. The following movie will tell you why you should apply with your project. 

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